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An unidentified jungle world was a planet in the Kamdon system of the Outer Rim's Calamari sector. It was surrounded by an asteroid belt.


During the Republic's height, Jedi Master An'ya Kuro journeyed to the world following the failed training of Padawan Aurra Sing. Residing on the world for twelve years meditating on her failure, Kuro eventually left the world to return to active duty on Coruscant. After her initial departure, Quarren businessmen Lekket and Tallet hired the failed Padawan-turned bounty hunter. Aurra Sing to hunt down and kill Senator Tikkes for his role in their banishment from their homeworld Dac. Sing, who was also hunting down her former master, tracked both Tikkes and Master Kuro to Cophrigin where she planned to murder both of them. Attacking Kuro's retreat, Kuro, Tikkes, and a Jedi task force escaped Sing during a meteor shower which rained down on Kuro's retreat during the attack.[2]



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