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This Monster droid was one of many Monster droids made by the Mandalorian Death Watch on Carlac from parts of destroyed CIS droids. This droid was made from parts of an IG-100 MagnaGuard, a BX-series droid commando, and a B1 battle droid. The Death Watch used this droid and its comrades for target practice, and while Ahsoka Tano, Lux Bonteri and R2-D2, this droid was damaged by blaster fire. R2-D2 was then ordered to repair the damaged droids, including this one. While the Death Watch went to a Ming Po town, the droids begged R2 to repair them so they could fight their captors. After the Death Watch returned with Ahsoka captured, R2, this droid, Battle droid 513, and the other droids attacked the Death Watch in order to help Tano escape. At the end, all the droids were destroyed, but Tano, Bonteri, and R2 were able to escape both the camp and the planet.

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