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"I think we just got a random thief which explains why he didn't put up a fight. Probably all he could do was to switch on the lightsaber and wave it around"
―IC-1309 "Niner"[src]

This thief was a common thief operating on Coruscant in the early days of the Galactic Empire In 19 BBY he was pulled over by Coruscant Security Force officers during which he cut off an officer's hand with a lightsaber. The CSF officers led by Officer Anskow chased the thief into the lower levels and cornered him in a building. After setting up a perimeter the CSF officers called in Squad 40 of the Imperial Commando Special Unit that was attached to the 501st Legion. The officers thought that because of the lightsaber, the thief was a Jedi. Squad 40 stormed the building and the thief was killed by IC-4447. In his report IC-1309 "Niner" stated that Lawful warning given, suspect failed to surrender, drew lightsaber, neutralized by Trooper IC-4447 Ennen.