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On Jedha, Imperial stormtroopers used long-legged mounts to traverse the moon's cold desert landscape.[1]

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"If you look really very carefully when Jyn and Cassian are walking through Jedha, you'll see these giant camel things that stormtroopers are riding on the left."
Gareth Edwards[src]
Jedha Camel

Concept art of the long-legged mount by Christian Alzmann

The long-legged mount was created and developed for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,[2] the first film in the Star Wars Anthology Series, which was released in North America on December 16, 2016.[3] Prior to the film's release, the mount was first depicted in Star Wars: Galactic Atlas, a canon reference book, which included a map of Jedha as a spread to the then-upcoming film Rogue One.[4] The book was first published on November 3, 2016.[5]



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