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"It's all just smoke and mirrors..."
―Line from the love song[src]

An unidentified love song was popular in 41 ABY. The lyrics indicated that love is futile and non-existent.


This song was sung by a Pa'lowick singer at The Indigo Tower on the night Jagged Fel and Jaina Solo would enter the restaurant closely followed by Javis Tyrr, a HoloNet News reporter, and escape out a back entrance using Karn Valanti and Lina Zev, respectively, as their doubles to fool him. Javis Tyrr thought the line Smoke and Mirrors rather ironic, as he was duped in the same fashion.

Known lyricsEdit

Verse oneEdit

Its all just a dream, isn't it?

This thing we call love…

A marvelous scheme, isn't it?

This thing we call love…

Verse twoEdit

It's just an illusion,

A trick of the heart,

A pleasant dilusion

When two are apart—


It's all just smoke and mirrors, darling;

A pretty lie and nothing more.