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"Look into my face—it's the last thing you will ever see."
―8t88, shortly before killing the majordomo[src]

A Human male served as a majordomo for the Dark Jedi Jerec during his brief time as governor of the moon Sulon. The majordomo remained at Jerec's Sulon headquarters after the Jedi had moved on, and continued to serve other masters. When the droid information broker 8t88 came to stay at the tower, the majordomo sent 8t88 to a coat room while passing it off as a VIP guest suite, as he thought that it was where an uppity droid belonged. However, 8t88 caught on to the majordomo's duplicity and—after reprimanding him—killed the Human by breaking his neck. Afterwards, 8t88 noticed that the majordomo's death had invigorated the remaining staff.


Imperial servantEdit

"Summon the fool in charge."

Sometime during the Galactic Civil War, a Human male served as a majordomo for the Dark Jedi Jerec,[2] an Inquisitor of the Galactic Empire,[3] during Jerec's brief stint as governor of the moon Sulon[2] during the year 0 BBY.[4] The majordomo worked in the Sulon Government House,[2] also referred to as the Dark Palace,[5] and after Jerec's departure, the majordomo continued to serve the executives who would go on to take residence in the house. Bragging about his work for the house's past masters eventually became a hobby of the decadent majordomo.[2]

An uppity droid in its placeEdit

"Please! I'm sorry I gave offense—tell me how to make amends!"
"Ah, if only you could. But the malfunction is hidden within your skull. I don't know if you've seen any brains lately, but they're hard to sort out. A CPU makes more sense."
"My brain?"
"Why, yes. Assuming you have one.... You know, the organ that believes it's superior to machines, and enjoys making fun of them.
―The majordomo and 8t88[src]

The Dark Palace on Sulon

During the year 5 ABY,[1] the droid information broker 8t88, who was under the employ of Jerec, took residence of the house while working on a project for the Dark Jedi. The majordomo was not fond of the droid,[2] and as such passed off a coat room as a luxurious VIP guest suite for 8t88 to stay in,[6] hoping to impress the rest of the house's staff by doing so. When the droid noticed that his room was conjoined to the Dark Palace's ballroom, 8t88 realized that he had been fooled by the majordomo. Not happy, 8t88 sent his henchman Rol to find the majordomo. When the majordomo was informed of his summoning, he took his time in obliging the droid, and made sure to precede Rol into 8t88's "guest suite." 8t88 coyly asked what the history of the house was, starting with the supposed suite.[2] Initially, the majordomo began to explain the history of the house itself, until 8t88 told the man to focus solely on the room. Before the majordomo could answer, 8t88 pointed out how it was attached to the house's ballroom, which 8t88 found odd. He wanted to know what the room was originally for, interested in the room's "pedigree."[6]

The majordomo considered confessing to the droid, but figured that bluffing out of it would be less embarrassing. As such, he persisted that the coat room was a VIP suite, and that it was assigned to 8t88 because of the droid's rank and stature,[2] as well as the fact that it was the only room that could accommodate 8t88's pet hornagaunt Grendel.[6] When 8t88 asked for the majordomo to come closer, the man assumed that his story had sold. However, as soon as he within reach of 8t88, the droid reached out and grabbed the majordomo's robes and pulled him closer until their faces met. The droid informed the Human that the story did not sell. 8t88 gripped the majordomo's neck as the man pleaded for 8t88 to spare his life, all while promising to make amends. 8t88 did not believe that amends could be made, and proceeded to snap the man's neck, which caused him to urinate, scream, faint, and finally die.[2] Afterwards, Grendel consumed the majordomo's body.[6]

8t88 later moved into a more luxurious study, and noticed that the majordomo's death invigorated the remaining staff.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Greetings, your eminence. Can I be of service?."
―The majordomo presents himself[src]

The Human majordomo was known to boast about his service to the Dark Palace's resident governors. The majordomo held himself in high esteem, taking his time in answering 8t88's call and preceding Rol into 8t88's chamber. Believing that he could impress the Palace staff[2] by putting 8t88 in a coat room,[6] he became nervous when he believed that 8t88 had caught onto the deception and decided to bluff, thinking that would not be as embarrassing as confessing the truth. When addressing 8t88, the majordomo spoke with condescension in a manner that left Rol uneasy.[2]

When 8t88 made it clear that he was displeased with the majordomo's duplicity, the man urinated himself and begged for 8t88 to let the him make amends.[2] However, 8t88 did not believe such a task was possible, claiming that the majordomo had a malfunction in his brain. In addition, 8t88 thought that the majordomo possessed a stigma against droids.[2][6]

The majordomo was light-skinned, and adorned himself with a flowing red robe at the time of his death. The man was bald, but had black eyebrows and brown eyes.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Did you send for the fool in charge of this place?"
―In the audio drama, 8t88 asks Rol if the latter had sent for the majordomo[src]

The unnamed majordomo first appeared in the novella Dark Forces: Rebel Agent, which was written by William C. Dietz and released during 1998. The character appeared in one of the novella's illustrations, which was crated by artist Ezra Tucker.[2] The character later appeared in the novella's full cast audio drama, where his voice was provided by Bob Otto.[6] There are few differences in the scene between the novella and the audio drama. The most prominent difference is that the novella never clearly states where exactly the majordomo had placed 8t88; it only mentioned that 8t88's quarters were adjoined to a ballroom.[2] The audio drama changes 8t88's dialogue in order to make it explicitly clear that the room was in fact a simple coatroom.[6] Also in the novella, Rol goes to fetch the majordomo personally,[2] whereas in the audio drama Rol only sent for the majordomo, and did not retrieve him on foot. Finally, the audio drama added extra dialogue to make up for the lack of the readable prose that the novella offered.[6] This article treats the novella as the correct depiction of events.


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