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The title of this article is conjectural.

Although this article is based on official information from the Star Wars Legends continuity, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

This Human male was a mercenary working for Attuma Duum around 21 BBY. During that year, the Jedi Knight Aayla Secura attempted to arrest Duum, but she was forced to flee. This Human, wearing modified Clone trooper armor and carrying a blaster, joined Sabat, Duum's chief of security, and other mercenaries to hunt down Secura on the moon of Cavamina Minor. They cornered Secura, but she ran; the rogue Force-sensitive Shon-Ju and his students intervened and attacked the mercenaries. This Human was knocked aside by an Ithorian. Sabat fled before Shon-Ju could engage him in personal combat, allowing Shon-Ju to treat Secura's injuries.

Behind the scenesEdit

This individual appears in a scene in the 2010 graphic novella The Clone Wars: Deadly Hands of Shon-Ju.


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