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This male Sith Saber was a member of the Lost Tribe of Sith from Kesh who lived around 43 ABY. In that year, the Sith Saber served under Sith Lord Viun Gaalan when Gaalan traveled to Dathomir to retrieve Sith apprentice Vestara Khai, the sole survivor of a strike team that had been sent to attack Luke Skywalker. However, on Dathomir, Skywalker, his son, Ben, and the Force-sensitive Dyon Stadd found the Sith and attacked them. Ben Skywalker rushed the Sith Saber, but abruptly changed directions, causing the man to stumble and drop his lightsaber. Stadd then fired on the Sith four times, the first bolt he caught with his hand, but wasn't able to catch the second one and it struck his knee, then the third his shoulder, and the fourth his throat, killing him.