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A floating, four-limbed medical droid was in use during the Clone Wars.


In 21 BBY when the newly-awakened Zillo Beast of Malastare was brought to Coruscant in order to harvest its secrets and seeming indestructibility, one of these droids was used by Doctor Sionver Boll to run tests on the Zillo Beast. It drew blood samples using a syringe attachment, as well as emitting fumes derived from the fuel of Malastare, the only known weapon against the creature. The experiments angered the beast, causing it to break free and wreak havoc across the Senate District.[1]

After Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi's staged "assassination" death around 21 BBY, one of these medical droids helped him shave his head and administered him an injection of nanotechnology to transform into the likeness of bounty hunter Rako Hardeen.[2]


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