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A base on the planet Tatooine was used by mercenaries to breed womp rats. The compound consisted of a central headquarters and two dome shaped structures protected by a wall, which separated them from a credit vault, two credit markets and a landing pad. Five autoturrets defended the base, which was also built around a number of womp rat nests. Between the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Hoth during the Galactic Civil War, a gang of mercenaries led by the Human Saponza and his partner began searching for the source of increased attacks by womp rats on locals. The gang was alerted to the presence of the base by an ally faction which lent them troops to attack the base. Saponza and his men managed to destroy the base despite a defense by seventeen womp rats and the turrets.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Operative, this appears to be the true source of the recent spike in Womp Rat aggression. Undoubtedly this mercenary scum is attempting to breed the vermin for their own ends."
―Kosh describes the base if the player chooses the Imperial faction[src]

The base first appeared as a map in the first chapter of Star Wars: Commander, a mobile strategy game released by Disney Interactive in 2014.


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