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Anakin Skywalker, Jar Jar Binks, and Finn chasing the malfunctioning Nanny Droid throughout Coruscant.

During the last days of the Galactic Republic, a nanny droid, the caretaker of the boy named Finn, ended up malfunctioning, resulting in it going wayward across the cityscape of Coruscant. Anakin Skywalker and the Gungan Jar Jar Binks, themselves trying to find their way back to the Jedi Temple after the former accidentally got lost while looking at a sparkly pyramid building, ran into the boy and the malfunctioning droid, and aided the boy in trying to stop the droid. They eventually restrained it, with Skywalker managing to fix its programming to restore it to normal. The droid then helped Finn and Skywalker get to the former's mother, who in turn repaid Skywalker by giving him directions back to the Jedi Temple.