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"We apologize for the misunderstanding, Millennium Falcon, but you did stray into the free-fire zone."
―Unidentified officer of Aegel Squadron to Han Solo[src]

An unidentified female Hapan served as an officer in Aegel Squadron, a Hapan starfighter squadron consisting of Miy'til starfighters, in the Hapan Royal Navy. In 44 ABY, the Aegels participated in the evacuation of the New Jedi Order from the Jedi Academy on the planet Ossus, after the academy came under attack by the Lost Tribe of Sith. During the evacuation, the Millennium Falcon strayed into the free-fire zone, prompting Aegel Squadron into firing. Hapan agent Taryn Zel, who was aboard the Millennium Falcon, sent a message in ancient Lorellian to the Aegel Squadron officer and quickly cleared the misunderstanding.