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"This is 8t88 to Imperial shuttle. You are quite prompt."
"Ready to take you aboard."
"There's no need to land, just lower the ramp."
―8t88 and the shuttle pilot[src]

A male pilot flew[1] the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle[2] Furious[1] during the year 5 ABY[3] on the moon Nar Shaddaa, while the shuttle's owner, the droid 8t88, conducted business on the moon. When 8t88 needed a pickup, he radioed the pilot. When the pilot arrived, he found 8t88 being pursued by Kyle Katarn, a client that 8t88 tried to double-cross. 8t88 ordered the pilot to drop Furious' ramp instead of land, so that 8t88 could climb aboard. Katarn managed to shoot off 8t88's arm, but the droid was able to board the shuttle.[1] When a bounty hunter 8t88 had hired tried to board the ship as well, a stormtrooper at the top of the ramp shot her off. The pilot then flew the Furious away from the landing platform.[4]


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