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"Nice to see you again, Larken. Sahr."
―The pilot addresses their attackers[src]

A male Crotok individual piloted the Interceptor-class Arakyd Helix named Kizbon's Box on a route toward the space station known as Darknon Station. Whilst en-route he was ambushed whilst near a magnetic storm, which his attackers had used for cover. The group attacking him were pirates who had been provided with the details of the Box's route by Sahr, a women who knew the pilot but now accompanied the pirates. When confronted by the pirates, who believed the Box to be unarmed, the pilot surprised them by opening fire with concealed weaponry destroying first a vessel named Trust Me and then another named Profit which was piloted by an individual named Druug. The final ship, the Pillage was crewed by a pirate named Larken, and Sahr, both of whom the pilot knew by name. As they tried to escape the Box caught up with them and commed the Pillage, calling the crew by name and aiming the Box's weaponry at them.[1]

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The pilot first appeared in 1995 the article "A Buyer's Guide to Alternative Starships" which was published in the fifth issue of the Star Wars Adventure Journal series of supplement books for West End Games, Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. The article was written by Stephen Luminati and included two short stories to illustrate some of the ships mentioned. The pilot appeared in one of these, titled "Kizbon's Box" which gave no information as to what era it was set in and also didn't mention the pilots name, gender or species.


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