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Deeve on the planet

This planet had a hostile atmosphere that could kill an Arpor-Lan without a protective suit and a face breather. It had high mountains with cliffs that towered over swirling, lethally hot, while beautiful, mists. The New Republic was unfamiliar with the local fauna, but at least one four-meter, four-tentacled creature without a identifiable head lived there.

The Bureau of Scouting and Exploration Services sent the starship NRSS Founder from Outer Region Foxar Scout Base, to survey this planet, along with several others in eight star systems, in search of valuable natural resources, including veins of minerals. The scout Deeve, with suitable protection, climbed up one of the peaks to perform an analysis with his droid REM-02 while his crewmates, Effcee and Jarsa, did other tasks on the ship. While doing so, Deeve was found by the previously-mentioned tentacled creature and, instinctively, shot it with his blaster pistol.

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