A porter droid was under the employ of a Rodian bounty hunter named Slyder, who operated out of the starship Star of Empire. The droid had worked with Slyder for years, and during 1 BBY, helped Slyder locate his final targets, a band of Rebel agents. The droid tracked one of the agents, Jan Ors, to the luxury ship's hangar, where he installed a transmitter on her ship, Truly Sorry, after offering to help repair the ship. Ors declined the offer, but was unaware of the transmitter. He reported back to Slyder, who explained his method of bounty hunting to the droid, again, before he reported the agents to the Imperial governor, Dol Donar II. Slyder was eventually able to capture the Rebel droid, A-Cee, and accompanied Donar on his yacht. However, A-Cee self-destructed on the yacht, killing all aboard. The porter droid, however, had remained on the Star.

Behind the scenesEdit

The porter droid was created for the Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire audio drama, and does not appear in the novella it was based on. The droid's voice actor was uncredited.