"Wait until the next game."
―The dealer tries to dissuade Solo from joining the game.[src]

A pudgy man played a game of sabacc with the smuggler Fynn Torve and five other gamblers in the LoBue Cantina on the planet Abregado-Rae Intrigue in the year 9 ABY. When it was the man's turn to act as dealer, another smuggler, Han Solo demanded he be dealt into the game despite the dealer's protests. The dealer begrudgingly dealt him in after which Solo began communicating with Torve in code, much to the other players annoyance. Solo was then accused of cheating by a Reverend who was watching the match and revealed Solo held a skifter. Solo claimed that he had been dealt the cheat card, and so the Reverend demanded to see the dealers deck. Shocked, the dealer showed the deck which was one of the casinos and then Solo and he were scanned to see if either of them was concealing a card. When both turned up negative the Reverend accused the house of providing a fixed to deck to favor a certain player, at which point Torve slipped away and Solo left.

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