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This scarred Jawa was a member of a clan who salvaged an X-wing starfighter and later managed to steal a TIE advanced starfighter from a trio of salvagers on Tatooine.

The Jawa had a scar on the right eye, which was similar to that of Anakin Skywalker and always carried an ion gun. Moreover, it had a determined appearance, and would assume the role as leader when the clan went on salvaging expeditions.

Behind the scenesEdit

This individual only appears in the story Oh!! Jawajawa, published in Star Wars Manga: Silver issue of Tokyopop's Star Wars Manga. Originally published in Japan, those stories were considered to be of "fuzzy" continuity by Lucasfilm.[1] Since then, they have been republished in English in the United Kingdom under Infinities label, which established the material in them as non-canonical.


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