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"So your orders were to hold your position on the far side, and you didn't abandon your post until last month, even though you didn't receive a single transmission in over a year."
Unidentified Rebel trooper to scout trooper[src]

During the Battle of Endor, one particular scout trooper was assigned the task of holding his position on the far side of the planet. After a year of not receiving any transmissions, he finally left his post, and met an "ignorant, long-haired Rebel trooper".


Marooned on EndorEdit

"So, they left you behind too, huh?"
―Unidentified Rebel trooper to Unidentified scout trooper[src]

After leaving his post, the Imperial scout trooper's speeder bike went dead. He soon encountered a Rebel. The two fought for 45 minutes before they agreed on a truce, though they hardly got along in any friendly capacity. The scout trooper threatened to bring the Rebel trooper in as his prisoner, only when he attempted to subdue the Rebel, he brought not only the Rebel, but himself into a trap created by the native Ewoks.

Scout trooper: "Why am I the only one tied up here? Why didn't they tie you up?"
Rebel trooper: "It's a matter of body language, Egg Man. You 'troopers are designed to scare people. That's why you'll never fit in a peaceful society."
Scout trooper: "Tell them to release me!"
Rebel trooper: "All right, all right. I'll do what I can, but in case you hadn't noticed, we're having a slight communication problem here."
―Scout trooper and Rebel trooper[src]

The Ewoks eventually came back to their trap, tying the scout trooper to a log and giving the Rebel trooper food nourishment. The scout trooper demanded that the Rebel trooper talk the Ewoks into releasing him upon return to their village. After being released, they were both given a peace pipe and the scout trooper admitted that he was a "broken" trooper, rethinking his orders. After a brief discussion with the Rebel, the scout trooper pulled out a picture of the Death Star shield generator, showing it to the Ewoks.

Rebel trooper: "Guess this means we won the war after all."
Scout trooper: "It can't be..."
―Rebel trooper and scout trooper, upon seeing the debris and remains of the Imperial garrison[src]

The Ewoks led them to the location of the shield generator...only to discover that it had, in fact, been destroyed. Resigned to being stuck on Endor forever, the scout trooper nearly gave up. The Rebel trooper, however, spotted a left over AT-ST. While the pair checked the leftover vehicle's power cells, a Gorax attacked the Ewoks that had been leading them. The Rebel trooper used the walker's cannons to kill the beast, much to the chagrin of the scout trooper, who wanted to keep the energy in the power cells. During their argument about the "circle of life", the Rebel trooper spotted a huge structure on the radar, about the size of a small city and transmitting an Imperial code.

Getting Off EndorEdit

Scout trooper: "Look on the brightside...this means finally getting out of here."
Rebel trooper: "Yeah, as your frelling prisoner. At least here, when I was alone, I was a free man."
Scout trooper: "Okay, tell you what--as soon as I get back to my regiment, I'll find a way to get you off this rock. How does that sound?"
―Scout trooper and a dejected Rebel trooper[src]

When they arrived at the location of the signal, they discovered that it wasn't a city, but rather an Imperial Star Destroyer that had plummeted to the moon during the battle. The ship had a communication's substation and an operational power plant, and the Rebel trooper managed to contact a passing freighter on a nearby trade route. He also discovered that the signal was an automatic evacuation signal.

The next morning, the freighter arrived. The scout trooper, however, decided to stay behind, citing that the Rebel trooper was right about people like him not having a place in peaceful society. The two shook hands and said farewell, and the Rebel trooper boarded the freighter.

Behind the scenesEdit

This trooper was never given a name, though the Rebel trooper refers to him as "Egg Man" throughout the story. The trooper also uses the curse word "frell", from the television series, Farscape.