A caravan of slavers operated in the wastelands of the largely uninhabited planet of Prine during the early days of the Galactic Empire. Led by a member of a four-horned species, the organization's members largely consisted of a pachydermoid species, and used long-necked reptilians as mounts and beasts of burden. In addition to salvage, the group worked in the slave trade, transporting their cargo in barges pulled by large, horned beasts.

In 19 BBY, four months after the reorganization of the Galactic Republic into the Empire, these slavers raided a village on Prine, killing a Human named Yan and capturing his younger sister, Maddie. Later, they captured Ember Chankeli, who had been stranded in the wasteland for two weeks after crash-landing there with a fugitive Jedi Master, Dass Jennir. Chhankeli ran toward the a camp used by the slavers willingly, not realizing the danger, and was quickly subdued.

Dass Jennir vs raiders on Prine

The slavers are attacked by fugitive Jedi Master Dass Jennir.

Jennir, followed by the droid H2, followed the raiders on a native bovine he had tamed with the Force. When he caught up with them, he attacked with his lightsaber, killing any who stood in his way. The rest either fled or were killed by bounty hunter Falco Sang, who was attempting to assassinate Jennir. Few escaped the battle, though the subsequent conflict between Jennir and Sang allowed others to flee. Sang eventually allowed the surviving slavers to walk away on the condition that they would leave their barges and cargo behind.