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"I've got a reputation, when I hit, I don't miss."
―The hired sniper to Eru Matalis.[src]

This sniper was a Human mercenary who was hired by Arwen Cohl, under the orders of Eru Matalis, to assassinate Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum.


He was hired by Cohl after being approved for the mission.

Once the crew got to Eriadu to the kill Valorum at the Eriadu Trade Summit, he and the other mercenaries tied up the customs officers and waited while Cohl, Rella and Boiny went to speak to Eru. Eru and his men betrayed Cohl, and Eru shot them, he killed Rella and left Cohl and Boiny critically injured.

Eru found Cohls crew, and asked them their preferred weapons, and gave them a briefing for the mission. The crew barely questioned where Cohl was, and carried out the mission under Eru's orders.

The sniper went to Seswenna Hall, where the Chancellor was, and he was to fire from the ledges,above the meeting of senators, setting off the droids' defenses and making them fire, to make it look like the Trade Federation did it.

Cohl and Boiny survived, and Boiny went with Qui-Gon Jinn and Eriadu security to scan the ledges.

They found him, but the sniper fired at Boiny, and killed him. A few seconds later, Qui-Gon Force pushed the sniper off the ledge, sending him plummeting to the hall below.