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Unidentified starburst protuberance species
Biological classification


Physical characteristics

Hairy protuberances[1]

Sociocultural characteristics

Lady Ucce's servant[1]

"I cannot say, young gentle. You must speak to my mistress, Lady Ucce."
―Lady Ucce's servant[src]

A sentient species, distinguished by its hair-covered, flexible protuberances, existed in the galaxy around 14 ABY. The species' protuberances were tipped with fleshy tendrils, which were used for perception. An individual of the species served Lady Ucce, a wealthy noble, aboard her starship and traveled with her to Crseih Station, a nexus for the slave trade coordinated by the Imperial movement, the Empire Reborn.

Biology and appearanceEdit

A sentient species had hairy, flexible protuberances, each of which terminated in a starburst of fleshy tendrils. Those appendages functioned as sensory organs: the tendrils inclined in the direction in which the individual focused the senses and wriggled. The species was capable of speaking Galactic Basic Standard.[1]


At least one member of the species was present in the galaxy by the year 14 ABY. That year, a member of that species served Lady Ucce, a slave trader and supporter of the underground Imperial movement known as the Empire Reborn. That group, headed by Lord Hethrir, sought to oust the New Republic and replace it with a new Empire with the Force-sensitive Hethrir as its Emperor. The movement was financed by trade in slaves, patronized by Lady Ucce and other Imperial nobility. Ucce and her servant traveled to Crseih Station to witness the sacrifice of Anakin Solo, son of New Republic Chief of State Leia Organa Solo, by Hethrir to the Waru, a being from a parallel universe. The servant stayed behind on Ucce's golden starship and encountered Organa Solo. In the belief that Organa Solo was interested in purchasing slaves, the servant directed her to find Lady Ucce at the Crater Lodge.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Vonda N. McIntyre created this species for her novel The Crystal Star, published in 1994 by Bantam Spectra. Neither the species nor the individual were identified by name.


Notes and referencesEdit

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