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"... see here. Spots of blood. He was crawling here, but we didn't get any units... ground at this site for half an hour, so he wasn't crawling for stealth; he was hurt. We have men on speeder bikes... now. They say his trail goes a little less than a kilometer and just disappears on stony ground where things get hilly."
―Unidentified Stormtrooper on Ton Phanan's missing status.[src]

This stormtrooper was stationed on the planet Halmad and served under Warlord Zsinj. He participated in the search for Wraith Squadron pilot Ton Phanan when his TIE Fighter crashed on the planet. This stormtrooper guarded the crash site and reported to two Raptors regarding the search. All three of them were subsequently shot to death by Garik Loran, another Wraith who was also searching for his wingman.