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A stormtrooper was stationed at Kejim Outpost in 12 ABY. On the day that Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors infiltrated the outpost, he was stationed in an isolated level whose primary purpose was experimentation on Artusian crystals. Aware of the approaching threat, he and his fellow stormtroopers set up a number of laser trip mines in order to stop Katarn.

As Katarn drew closer, the stormtrooper tried to finish setting up a laser trip mine in front of a door that they expected Katarn to use. Another stormtrooper warned him of Katarn's approach as Katarn approached the door. The stormtrooper was still preparing the mine as Katarn opened the door. When that happened, the stormtrooper inadvertently set off the mine, killing himself and the stormtrooper closest to him.