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"We've found the trooper, monitor control. Playback of his recording unit indicates he stopped a lone female coming from the docking area for routine questioning."
―An officer from Post 994-203 explains the stormtrooper's fate.[src]

A stormtrooper was stationed on the planet of Metalorn. While on patrol, he encountered the rebel Princess, Leia Organa at Post 994-203. Organa, disguised as a factory worker, was infiltrating the world in order to spread the seeds of rebellion, hoping that the populace would rise up and fight the Galactic Empire, which controlled the planet with an iron fist. Needing to arm herself, Organa attacked the stormtrooper, using an adhesive spray to clog the ventilation system on his helmet. She then stole his blaster rifle, although at the time she did not realize that the weapon was equipped with a tracking device. The trooper was later recovered by an officer, and Organa was tracked to an ore processing center, thanks to her rigged blaster.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The unnamed stormtrooper was created for Star Wars 30: A Princess Alone, an issue of the Marvel Comics Star Wars run, written by Archie Goodwin. The trooper was penciled by Carmine Infantino and colored by Petra Goldberg. A Princess Alone was released on September 25, 1979.


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