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A stormtrooper commander had been involved in an assassination attempt against the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett that had been anonymously orchestrated by Purton, who wanted revenge on the bounty hunter after the latter killed Lenovar, his son, while protecting Fett's lover Sintas from a rape attempt by him. He was the commander of a stormtrooper unit stationed at Sathiemon.

Afterwards, upon tracking him down via information from the Zabrak Sibar on Iridonia, Boba Fett demanded to know who hired the hit. The stormtrooper commander denied any knowledge as to who arranged for the hit against him, although he did point to someone who might know: Captain Mac Ewevs. Boba Fett then stole his armor and then left him at the mercy of his Dewback (as he along with his unit had neglected their dewbacks).