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This super tactical droid was the leader of a mission in order to destroy the Republic strategy conference.This droid attacked a Republic cruiser to steal it. After killing every one aboard, it began loading the ship with explosives. Its mission was to ram the stolen cruiser into the Republic strategy conference to kill all of the generals there, including many Jedi. While the super tactical droid was leading the mission, there was an unexpected flaw in the plan. D-Squad, a group of droids assigned to steal an encryption code, and their leader unknowingly landed on the ship, in hope of completing the mission. They went to the bridge to return the encryption code, but were immediately confronted by the droid,who ordered them to surrender. The squad fled the bridge,and the droid sent guards after them. When the group managed to evade them, the super tactical droid ordered a huge amount of buzz droids to find them. That plan also failed and D-squad launched all of the buzz droids into hyperspace. After these series of events, the cruiser reached its destination and the super tactical droid left the bridge to set the detonator. However, R2-D2 flew into the room and engaged the super tactical droid. After a brief fight, R2 managed to partially break one of the super tactical droids arms. Despite the droids plea to stop, R2 detonated the bomb early so it would not reach the Republic conference center. The super tactical droid was destroyed in the explosion.

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The tactical droid appears in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Five and is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.



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