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"The Jedi shuttle is almost within range."
―The super tactical droid to General Grievous[src]

A super tactical droid was in active service to the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.[2] In the year 19 BBY,[4] he accompanied General Grievous to Utapau and commanded a Separatist supply ship, on orders from Count Dooku, to secure a massive Kyber crystal from the Sugi Arms dealer Endente on Utapau. He remained aboard the supply ship while General Grievous departed to the planet's surface to deal with Endente. While the crystal was ultimately secured by the Pau'ans and loaded onto a Separatist transport by battle droids, the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker escaped Grievous' wrath and pursued the shuttle aboard their own. The super tactical droid received orders from Grievous to shoot down the Jedi shuttle before they could board the supply ship, and though the shuttle was shot down, the Jedi fled in several escape pods and successfully boarded the supply ship shortly after the arrival of the crystal, while the damaged shuttle rammed into the supply ship's hyperdrive, preventing Grievous and the droid from fleeing the system, and trapping them above Utapau. The Jedi attempted to steal the crystal, but the overwhelming droid presence on the station, combined with Grievous' arrival, prevented them from doing so. Instead, Kenobi destroyed the crystal by overheating it with a series of blasts from several unmanned Armored Assault Tanks in the main hangar. While the Jedi and Grievous fled the ship, the droids, as well as the super tactical droid, on board were destroyed when the supply ship was vaporized by the destruction of the crystal.[2]

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