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In 28 ABY,[2] the New Republic senator Ransolm Casterfo arranged to meet a local collector who specialized in Imperial artifacts at a teahouse on the planet Daxam IV. Casterfo was assisting Senator Leia Organa's investigation into the Amaxine warriors and posed as a collector of Imperial artifacts to investigate the Amaxine presence on Daxam IV. This dealer turned out to be Arliz Hadrassian, a former Imperial officer and the Amaxine leader.[1]

The teahouse was a rundown building that was staffed by human waiters since Daxam IV was too poor to afford droids. During their meeting, Hadrassian regaled Casterfo with stories about her work as a TIE fighter pilot and Imperial Security Bureau officer. Casterfo managed to gain her trust by posing as an admirer of the Old Empire. As a result, Hadrassian ascertained that he was a worthy buyer and arranged for him to collect the helmet at her compound in the Western Wastes.[1]


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