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"Stand up! I told you, I don't want you around!"
"Sornell?! What are you talking—UNNHHH!
―Koblus Sornell and the technician[src]

A Human male technician was a member of the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders during the Mandalorian Wars. In 3962 BBY, he was among the forces assigned by the Mandalore the Ultimate to the rogue Jedi Master Dorjander Kace. As part of Kace's forces, the technician was assigned to monitor all communications aboard the captured Republic starship Reciprocity during Kace's raid on Dantooine. However, before the ship departed on its mission, the technician was confronted by his fellow warrior, Koblus Sornell, who demanded that he vacant his station. Before explaining anything, Sornell punched the man, knocking him out cold. She claimed that the man had welched on a bargain with her sixteen years ago, and was allowed to take his station. In fact, Sornell did so so that she could monitor all communications and thus assist former Jedi Zayne Carrick in his attempts to sabotage Kace's campaign.