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This species of walking plants were grown in soil and used as laborers by the corrupt miner Torkil Mux.


This walking plant-like species was tall and gray-skinned. They had short, stubby legs and distinguishable heads with ocular organs. According to Han Solo, they looked harmless. They were grown in soil and harvested, similar to plants, although they were sentient.


Torkil Mux used them to mine gems for Jabba the Hutt. Han Solo and Chewbacca were assigned to deliver a load of plants and soil to Shinbone, where the mine was located. In reality, these were more of the species, planted in the soil. Jabba later revealed they were the last of their kind. Mux had complete control over them, using K4 security droids to monitor their actions. When Solo and Chewbacca arrived, they discovered Mux was cheating Jabba. They hatched a plan to rob Mux of his stored gems and his laborers. Chewbacca loaded them onto Mux's ship while Solo distracted the Arcona miner. Chewbacca lifted off, and Solo blasted Mux's droid before escaping in the Millennium Falcon.

The two ships met in orbit. Chewbacca gave the ship to the walking plants and suggested they go to his homeworld, Kashyyyk.


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