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"I..I can't hold on much longer...(gasp)"
―The guard after the Queen finishes in the machinery room.[src]

A Human male guard of the Royal Naboo Security Forces was wounded during the Invasion of Naboo in the year 32 BBY. He was sent to retrieve reinforcements and weapons, but was wounded by a battle droid when the Queen of Naboo led an attack against the Trade Federation-occupied city of Theed. At the time of his wounding he wore the red Palace Guard uniform

Queen Padmé Amidala met this light-skinned guard when she was moving through the city to enter the Theed Royal Palace. She asked the guard how to open a security door, and the guard suggested she destroy the gate's power source in the machinery room. He then suggested she ask an astromech droid. The astromech opened the door to the machinery room for her so Amidala could continue her mission.

Behind the scenesEdit

"I must be going."
―What the player can say to ignore the guard.[src]

This guard appears in the 1999 adaptation of the Episode I movie. The player, taking the role of Amidala, may meet this guard during the course of the game's ninth mission. The player can talk to the guard using several dialogue options. The guard suggests the astromech droid if the player had told the droid to stay in its place back in the sixth mission. If the player had not, the guard gives Amidala a red key to open a separate security door. This article assumes that the player chose a specific dialogue choice and that the astromech droid was available. In the game's credits, Greg Burson is listed as voicing "Injured Soldier #1," while Nick Jameson is listed as voicing "Injured Soldier #2," although it is not clear who voices this individual character. The guard and another guard have an entry in the characters overview in the start of the game's strategy guide.