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An unidentified scientist on the Star Destroyer Vector, this Human male became infected with the Blackwing virus when crates containing the contagion were breached in the vessel, and proceeded to decimate the entire crew. He was transformed into a zombie along with the rest of the crew.

The scientist later found Zahara Cody of the Imperial prison barge Purge in Bio-Lab 242 of the Vector. He grabbed her and she stabbed him in the eye with a syringe filled with the recently-engineered vaccine to the virus. This caused him to scream loudly, as the vaccine restored a tiny amount of his former awareness, during which he proceeded to attempt to communicate with her, first by attempting speech, which came out as gibberish, before attempting to write on the floor with a syringe. Within minutes however, the vaccine's effectiveness diminished, reverting him back to his feral zombie condition. He attacked her afterwards, but was killed for good when a nearby 2-1B surgical droid rammed a surgical bone saw in to the top of his head.