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This unidentified imperial biologist worked for the Imperial Biological Weapons Division. He is in charge of the Imperial Bioweapon Project 171A, and he, skilled in biology, recreated the Blackwing virus. He worked in the Bio-Lab 177 aboard the Vector Star Destroyer. This biologist, after creating the virus, continued his scientific studies on biology.

Around 1 BBY, There is a critical malfunction with the Vector star destroyer, and later the virus leaked. Although this biologist, along with his colleagues, sealed and quarantined the lab, the infection spread out and contaminated all the crews on the star destroyer. This biologist was forced to transfer his studies and researches to Bio-Lab 242.

And he thrived the infection for another week.

By the end, as Dr.Cody recorded, the infection killed all aboard the star destroyer, and this unfortunate biologist, is possibly dead. Or he might have escaped using the escape pod. Whatever it is, his fate remained unknown.

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