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This article is about the concept of the Force. You may be looking for the novel.
"The Unifying Force bind the stars and planets in space and time. Through this Force, a Jedi can sense the past and future."

A Jedi adherent to the Unifying Force philosophy

The Unifying Force was an aspect of the Force as understood by members of the Jedi Order and codified within their holocrons and text. Coupled with the Living Force, these two aspects made up the two major areas of Jedi philosophical discourse and scholarly study into the Force. This aspect of the Force focused on its existence as the cosmic energy which bound space and time together; which whispered the will of the Force into the minds of listeners; which connected the past and the future and wrote the destiny of all things.

The Unifying Force existed beyond the light and the dark side. Visions of the future were gained through a focus on the Unifying Force; Grand Master Yoda was one of the most adamant proponents of heeding visions of the future, though he was also cautious of being misled by divergent possible futures.



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