This article is about The Clone Wars-era Battle Droid Commando among the Separatists. You may be looking for Tempest Scout 2, also known as Unit 17-B, an AT-ST under the service of Tempest Force by the Galactic Empire.

Unit 17 was a BX-series droid commando who served the Confederacy of Independent Systems as a sergeant during the Clone Wars. Around 22 BBY, the Confederacy engaged the Galactic Republic on the planet Khorm in a battle for the valuable agrocite mineral. Unit 17 participated in the battle, serving under the Confederate Commander Asajj Ventress.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Unit 17's only appearance was in the 2009 comic book Star Wars The Clone Wars 9: In Service of the Republic, Part 3 written by Henry Gilroy and Steven Melching and illustrated by Scott Hepburn.


Notes and referencesEdit

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  2. Although Unit 17's gender was not explicitly specified in the comic, this article assumes that he was male, based on the fact that BX-series droid commandos portrayed in The Clone Wars television series episode "Rookies" had male personality.
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