Aurek 7 FB

Unit Aurek-Seven prior to the Outbound Flight mission.

Unit Aurek-Seven was a four-man squad in Aurek Company of the 501st Stormtrooper Legion, as reactivated by the Empire of the Hand.

Along with the rest of Aurek Company, Aurek-Seven participated in the liberation of Kariek, consisting at this time of the stormtroopers known as Twister, Shadow, Cloud, and Watchman.

Twister was subsequently replaced by Grappler, an Eickarie native of Kariek. In 22 ABY, Aurek-Seven accompanied Commander Chak Fel as a guard detail during the Outbound Flight incident.

Aurek-Seven quietly monitored the Vagaari sabotage aboard Chaf Envoy, saving the lives of Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker. When they reached Outbound Flight, the stormtroopers, led by Fel and the Chiss General Drask, helped dispatch the Vagaari warriors during the Battle of the Redoubt. Following the battle, Fel led the Unit to join Drask's Chiss task force to Vagaari space.



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