"The Emperor commissioned artists across the Galaxy to emphasize the power of the Empire. The Empire hired me to give the painting to all citizens."
Navari Trik speaking of United in Our Cause[src]

United in Our Cause was the title of an Imperial propaganda poster painted some time during 1 ABY. It was the winner of the Galactic Empire Painting Contest. Upon winning the contest, it was given out to spacers in Mos Eisley by Navari Trik.


The painting depicted a Mon Calamari crafter, identified as Ceric on the left side, and a Twi'lek entertainer identified as Tails on the right side. A small battle taking place outside of an Imperial Forward Outpost could be seen depicted in the center of the painting. A group of three Stormtroopers, a Scout trooper and a Shocktrooper were also shown in a combative stance. The Aurebesh text in the center portion of the painting read, "United in Our Cause." Along the bottom of the painting, the text read, "Crafters, Fighters, Ents" (short for entertainers). The text was obviously alluding to the crafter, fighters and entertainer depicted above.

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United in Our Cause was a painting that players of Star Wars Galaxies could obtain for a limited time, from a Non-Player Character (NPC) in Mos Eisley. The painting was voted on by the players, barely winning against another painting titled A Day Long Remembered. A third painting, simply titled Empire was also voted on, but it received the fewest votes.

The painting was created by Zel of the Bloodfin server.

Reportedly, Ceric and Tails were both actual players of a Star Wars Galaxies guild known as Mercs and Skilled Craftsmen, or MASC for short. According to Zel, the two of them died, and he wished to memorialize them by including their player names in the painting.[1]



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