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Mission ansion

Soergg Vosadii Bezhin is accused by Padawan Barriss Offee before the Unity Council at the conclusion of the Jedi mission to Ansion.

The Unity Council was the leadership committee of the Unity of Community government on Ansion. It was headquartered in a large municipal hall in the capital city of Cuipernam, with the delegates meeting around a handsome xellwood table.

The Council consisted of seven elected representatives: four Ansionians (Fargane, Ranjiyn, Induran, and Kandah), two Humans (Garil Volune and Tun Dameerd), and one Armalat (Tolut). Fargane was apparently the senior member of the Council.

For the vote of Galactic Republic secession in 22 BBY, five additional members to the Council were added, four Ansionians and one offworlder. Only Kandah and another Ansionian voted to leave the Republic.


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