The University of Alderaan was a center of learning on the planet Alderaan. It was also known as Alderaan University, Aldera University, and the University of Aldera.

Founded in Aldera by the great thinker Collus, it was designed to isolate its students from the outside world. Before Collus' death, he realized that one cannot fully learn something until they have experienced it, inquiring, "How could a biology student learn by looking at diagrams and books without actually going out into the field?" or, "How could a politics student learn without setting foot on Coruscant?"

Eventually it was developed so that the main building would stay on the capital, Aldera, but many different "pods" of the school would be spread out across the galaxy. In this way, botanists spent much of their time on Ithor and other tropical planets; meteorologists spent their time studying the gas planets and cloud storms on Bespin; historians would visit the ruins of Ossus; and political students had jobs as government functionaries on Coruscant.

In 22 BBY, the university's provost was Dalus Othona and its dean was Halcor Raystel; the latter was eventually removed after a three-month scandal when it became known that he was a ryll user and had offered class credits to two female students in exchange for sexual favors. Grabda Weng was, during that time, a professor of socio-politics at the University.

During the Clone Wars, the Students of Collus were active on-campus.

The former captain of the Tantive IV, Jeremoch Colton, also spent his retirement teaching at the institution.

Like the rest of Alderaan, its main building was destroyed by the Death Star in 0 BBY.