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"If they do not succumb, they will be destroyed."
―Unquenchable Wrath[src]

Unquenchable Wrath was a dark side Force-user who was an unwilling follower of Exar Kun.


Before becoming an unwilling follower of Exar Kun, Unquenchable Wrath was a student at Corellia University, trained in the histories of the Jedi and the Sith. He may have been a member of an archaeological expedition on Yavin 4 in 1 ABY that unknowingly tunneled into the tombs below the Temple of Exar Kun and released the Sith Lord's spirit. The evil spirit proceeded to bind the students and researchers to his will, and induct them into the Cult of Exar Kun. Once a naive adventurer exploring an ancient Sith burial tomb, this Dark Acolyte now lived to serve the will of her master Exar Kun. Afterward, the spirit of Kun sent them to Talus, to the Corellia University research outpost they had originally come from to enslave the rest of the people there. The majority of them were then sent back to Yavin 4. After losing contact with the outpost and fearing the worst, Professor Cornelius Wagglehorn hired a group of spacers to travel to Talus and investigate. The spacers learned what had transpired and informed the professor. He provided them with the coordinates to the tomb and implored them to destroy the evil Sith Lord]'s spirit within. Unquenchable Wrath was among the dark Force-users that confronted the spacers before they were able to get to the spirit of Exar Kun. However, the spacers managed to defeat all former students, and then proceed to confront the Dark Lord himself.