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"This prison can hold twice the population of most planets. With one of these installed in every system, we won't have to worry about revolution once we gain control of the Republic."
―Wat Tambor[src]

Unreal City was a massive, underground prison facility built on the planet Metalorn during the Clone Wars. Large enough to hold twice the population of most planets, its appearance alone was enough to prevent rebellion. Wat Tambor also mentioned that "The mere sight of it has workers toiling twice as hard. You can actually see it from orbit, so even our space stations are built more quickly," during a tour he gave Bail Organa.

Shaak Ti was once detained in the high security area of the prison near the end of the Clone Wars and with help from Organa, became the first person ever to escape the high security area.

According to Tambor, the cost of housing an inmate in the high security area was astronomical.

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