Untitled (Loose Lips) was a piece of unauthorized artwork created by an unknown artist. It could be found in Imperial Military industrial facilities at Kuat, Scarif, and Fondor. Though unapproved by the Galactic Empire, it enjoyed a forbidden popularity among Imperial engineers. The poster's design had an Imperial officer carrying rolls of design specs only to be suddenly halted by Darth Vader grabbing his mouth to silence him from offscreen, with the words "Loose Lips" appearing above the officer's head, and "Bring Down Starships" being on the officer's tunic.[1]

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This image was created by Cliff Chiang. It was originally made for the 2010 series Star Wars Galaxy Series 5, a series of Legends trading cards by Topps.[2] A print was displayed in Pinewood Studios to warn people against leaking spoilers during production of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.[3]


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