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Unut Poll was a male Arcona and Rebel Alliance collaborator during the Galactic Civil War.


A male Arcona, Unut Poll owned the Spaceport Speeders in Mos Eisley, a major port city on the desert world Tatooine. Having fled from the Galactic Empire earlier in the war, Poll's children and wife had been killed during the fighting before he arrived on Tatooine. During his time in Mos Eisley, Poll sheltered homeless Arcona in secret; helping them to find new identities free from Imperial scrutiny.[2]

A frequent patron of Chalmun's Cantina, Poll was unlike others of his species, as he did not fall to the temptation of salt. Employing a Vuvrian named Wioslea, Poll was angered by the fact that the woman had bought a young moisture farmer's old landspeeder for 2,000 credits.[2]



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