The Unwashed were a subspecies of the sentient Anointed People from the planet Abonshee, that they called Masterhome.

The Unwashed formed the lower social class of sturdy hard workers. The ruling Godlings kept them uneducated, so that, unlike the Godlings, the Unwashed did not know about, or care for, sentient life in other planets. The Unwashed had simple interests, including their business, most of them farming, any local business and the upcoming holidays. They also liked gambling and drinking, particularly in three-day parties.

The Unwashed favored colored robes when available, and they commonly carried their personal belongings plus one club that could do little permanent harm to any other hard-boned Unwashed.

The Unwashed commonly worked in a town or a farm for any individual Godling. In times of the Galactic Empire, that Godling annually took his subjects to a mock war against any neighboring Godling. This was a highly awaited time for the Unwashed.

In 0 ABY, the Godking Trisstan, supreme monarch of Abonshee, hired one Unwashed to secretly infiltrate in the rooms of visiting alien diplomats and steal their equipment. Trisstan wanted to test the abilities of his guests, particularly their alertness. He promised the Unwashed some gold coins even if he got caught.