An upgraded galven pattern was a modification that could be made to a blaster's galven pattern.

The modification allowed for the power of a blasters galven pattern to be amplified, with the galven pattern itself being formed by a static-pulse field created by micro-electronics built into the barrel of a blaster: galven circuitry. The circuitry could be remodulated by removing a blasters barrel; at the end of the barrel, three static pulse adaptors interface between the galven circuitry and the XCiter. Interfacing the adaptor prongs to a computer system or droid brain allows for the circuitry to be remodulated from factory standards to allow for more powerful focusing patterns.

The galven circuitry could many times be remodulated to allow for a significant boost in power - equalling that of a medium blasters output, in addition to the blasters current output. However, bypassing factory settings was hazardous to the blaster itself; many times the blaster would melt from the increase of heat and energy. Because of this, a blaster equipped with upgraded galven patterns was much more lethal than an unmodified blaster, at the cost of a much shorter operational life.