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One year after the Clone Wars, an uprising took place on the moon Raada.[3]


In the aftermath of the Clone Wars, Togruta Order 66 survivor and former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano disappeared into hiding on the Outer Rim Territories' numerous backwater planets. In 18 BBY, Tano arrived on Raada, a sparsely populated farming moon. There she set up shop, posing as a droid mechanic under the pseudonym "Ashla". Shortly after her arrival, Ahsoka began scouting the numerous rock outcroppings, cave systems, and canyons that surrounded the outskirts of the settlement. In the space of a few standard weeks, Ahsoka had been accepted by the community as a valuable asset due to her extensive mechanical skills.[3]

Enter the EmpireEdit

Within months of Ahsoka's arrival, the Empire set up a garrison on Raada as part of its expansion into the Outer Rim. The moon was being eyed for its usefulness to the Imperial Military; due to its small population, it could be exploited to grow the Empire's soil-killing ration plants without attracting the Imperial Senate's attention.[3]

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