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Uranium was a radioactive heavy metal[4] used to power facilities.[1] The decay of uranium, when occurring within a planet, heated the rock of the planet's crust.[3]

The planet Ruusan had significant deposits of uranium,[2] as did Sullust's moon, Sulon.[3] Moorjhone was home to uranium mines run by Rim Commercial Mining which supplied uranium to power plants from Coruscant to the Tingel Arm during the Clone Wars.[1] Han Solo once won a half-million credit uranium mine in a sabacc game. However, the accounts were so crooked that he was lucky to escape prosecution when the shareholders investigated the business.[5] At some point, he owned a two-million-credit uranium mine that he lost playing sabacc.[4]

Hoersch-Kessel ion engines, the most popular ion drive in the Empire, ran best on uranium or other heavy metal.[6] Starfighter fuel cells were comprised of refined radioactive metal mixes,[7] including plutonium and uranium.[8] The biology of an Exogorth contained a uranium-based metabolism.[9]



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