Urban Assault Dark Trooper

An Urban Assault Dark Trooper during the Battle of Restuss

The Urban Assault Dark Trooper was a variant of the dark trooper, a deadly next-generation stormtrooper battle droid used by the Galactic Empire. As the name suggests, it was used in urban environments.


Sometime following 0 BBY, several units of Urban Assault Dark Troopers were used by the Galactic Empire in the ruins of the city of Restuss on the Nabooian moon Rori, which had been destroyed in the Battle of Restuss.


The Dark Trooper Project
Primary models
Phase Zero dark trooper - Phase I dark trooper
Phase II dark trooper - Phase III dark trooper
Other models
Dark novatrooper - Inquisitorium dark trooper
Exogen-class dark trooper - Glory-class dark trooper
Oppressor-7 class dark trooper - Oppressor-9 class dark trooper
Triumphant-class dark trooper - Urban Assault dark trooper
Victory-class dark trooper - Black Hole dark trooper
Purge trooper - Elite dark trooper
Rom Mohc - Arc Hammer

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