"But now you must go. Come to the barn and select urdas to ride."
Nyessa to Leia Organa[src]

An urda was a beast of burden native to the planet Jaresh.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Urdas were quadrupeds whose long legs ended in horny clawed feet. Their hides were covered in shaggy coats that had a faintly sweet scent. Considered smart and sure-footed on their native Jaresh, urdas were well-equipped to deal with and avoid uneven terrain, and domesticated urdas took commands well from their riders.[1]


Leia Organa and her team made use of urda mounts during Operation Yellow Moon, using them to reach a communications tower to broadcast their message across the planet as part of a ploy to divert the Galactic Empire's attention away from preparations for an assault on the second Death Star.[1]